Up Early on a Sunday!

On Friday I went to bed at about 4.30am, then Saturday I woke up at 2.30pm. This isn’t very unusual for me but I still felt like I’d wasted my day. So last night I went to bed earlier and I got up at around 9am today, had some breakfast and was in the pool by 10am. I was up early enough to get into the free session which was a bonus and by the time 11 o’clock came, I had swam a mile and was showered and getting changed ready to go back to the house.

Now it’s time to crack on with some work. Yesterday I went to the pool then came back and spent a fair amount of time practising my Business Game presentation and wrote 600 words of my Consumer Behaviour coursework. Today will be much of the same. I might be going into uni if my group ever reply, if not I’ll be doing my work from the comfort of my sofa. Here’s hoping today is a productive one!


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