London at Christmas and Imagine Dragons!

IMG_3757IMG_3758On Monday I caught the train to Euston and to meet my friends Vicky and Phoebe in London for what turned to be such a good day. We wandered around Camden market and got some amazing Chinese food. I bought a new hat (modelled wonderfully in the photos 😉 ) and Vicky bought a slice of pizza the size of her face.  


We then caught the tube to Oxford Circus to visit the Disney store. A very cute little Christmas present was bought there but I won’t reveal any secrets here! After that, we wandered up and down Oxford Street looking at all of the Christmas displays in John Lewis and admiring all of the lights. It was pretty cold at this point so we found a little Starbucks and I had my first Starbucks from the Christmas menu! I went for a Toffee Nut Latte whilst Phoebe had a peppermint hot chocolate, and Vicky had a regular hot chocolate. I don’t go in there much but the Christmas menu is one of the best parts about Starbucks.

IMG_3690It was then time to catch the tube to Brixton to see Imagine Dragons at the O2 Academy! There were 2 warm up acts called Atlas Genius and Dan Croll which were both really good (Dan Croll even gave out a free download if I can find the flyer in my bag somewhere…). Imagine Dragons were just insane live. I’ve been a fan for quite a while and often go through phases where I listen to them on repeat for hours everyday – this was particularly common during the revision period for my summer exams – so I knew all of the songs they played. They had massive drums on the stage which the whole band played at some points and during one song these massive balloon-ball-things filled with confetti came floating down from the ceiling which the whole audience passed around by pushing them up in the air – I even managed to touch one of them at one point!


IMG_3759So the Imagine Dragons concert was awesome and what followed was the most stressful point of the day – catching the last train back to Birmingham. We went with the crowd back to the tube station and managed to squeeze our way on to the tube; Vicky left at her stop, Phoebe got of a few stops later and I made my way up to Euston on my own. My phone had died by this point so I had no idea what the time was so as soon as I got to Euston I had to leg it through the underground, up through to the National Rail bit and found my platform and just managed to catch my train in time. Phew! It was a Virgin train as well, very posh. Overall an amazing day and by the time I crawled into bed at 4am I was absolutely exhausted. 


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