Seasonal Sister Shopping

It’s been a pretty hectic week of deadlines so I haven’t been able to post about it yet, but here is a quick post about when my sister came to visit me last weekend!

IMG_3780My sister is called Katie, she’s 22 and recently graduated from Bath Spa and is now working at a marketing company called Great Guns. This means she is no longer restricted to a student budget and wanted to use this weekend as an opportunity to go shopping! So on Saturday afternoon we went along to the Bullring which I’ve been to many times before, but somewhere I have never been is Selfridges.

IMG_3777This is the famous Jelly-Belly jelly bean Bull in the ground floor of Selfridges where you can find all kinds of pretty things like toys, sweets, American candy, and there is a food court where you can see how Krispy Kreme doughnuts are made. The photo on the right is one that I took from the ground floor looking upwards (I was trying to be artistic, ok?) and you can see all the different layers of Selfridges. Katie bought some Christmas presents and there was even a 20% promotional discount which she was chuffed with. Whilst we were looking around I was making little mental notes for potential secret santa people (as we hadn’t drawn names at this point).

IMG_3782IMG_3784We then headed down to the Christmas market where we both bought a hotdog from one of the stalls and it was beautiful! I had been waiting all year just for those hotdogs and it did not disappoint. Katie bought some nuts from another (fantastic-smelling) stall. We wandered about the stalls and looked at the hand-made decorations that were on offer. I took one last photo of the Christmas lights and then we headed home for a cosy evening in.

It was great to see my sister for the weekend, I really miss her and my brother when I’m at uni, so now I’m looking forward to the Christmas holidays even more.


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