And Now We Wait…

I sent it! Last night I submitted my Marist application to the International Placements Team at Aston. Marist College is in Poughkeepsie, New York and it is a study placement to live and study there for a year. I cannot describe to you how much I want this placement.

Since around the age of 15, I’ve wanted to live in America and I’ve had more-than-a-little obsession with the US. I can’t quite put it into words; I think it’s the can-do attitude to life where if you want something you should go out and get it, it won’t just be given to you. A visit to NYC in 2011 only made me want to go there more and since then I picked the university I currently attend based on their links with colleges in the US.

The decision to move abroad is a big one but I’ve done so much research into it that I feel like it’s the only thing I want to do for my placement year. I’ve spent months chatting to family friends from the US, emailing current and former Marist students and spending hours and hours online looking up things like visas, flights, accommodation, and pretty much everything and anything related to living in the USA!

So here’s hoping my application is successful! At the moment I’d say I’m a massive bag of nerves with a hint of excitement thrown in there, no doubt I will be constantly be checking my emails over the next few weeks waiting for a response back from the International Placements Team.

Wow, this turned into an essay rather quickly. To tie things up I’ll use one of my favourite gifs that I used on here a few weeks ago sssh, fingers crossed eh?

Sophie x


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