If You’re Eligible, Do Something Amazing – Give Blood

Hello folks! First off, I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who read my NY post, liked/favourited my facebook & twitter statuses and sent me messages – I had no idea so many people were rooting for me to get my Marist placement! So thanks for all the love, you adorable people.

Today I went along and gave blood at Birmingham’s Blood Donor Centre on New Street; it turns out I was in for a surprise! The lovely people at the donor centre told me it was my 10th time donating which meant I got a little award – a certificate and a little pin badge!


If you’re eligible, I can’t recommend strongly enough that you donate blood, as you never know when you’ll need it yourself and it really does save lives. I had a little browse on the website and found this: “Last year we collected 2.1 million donations from about 1.6 million donors. Although that sounds a lot, it reflects only 4% of the population, giving two or three times a year.” 4% is hardly anything! Obviously there are some people who aren’t able to do it but there must be thousands and thousands of people who could give up an hour of their time a couple of times a year.

It doesn’t cost you anything other than maybe an hour (or sometimes less) of your time, the nurses are lovely and you even get a free cuppa and a choccie biscuit/crisps/fruit afterwards. Not to mention that feel-good feeling of, oh I don’t know, saving someone’s life!

Visit http://www.blood.co.uk/ or call 0300 123 23 23 to find out more, go on – do it!

Sophie x


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