“First thing, you can get a lot done in 3 months.”

Enoch Brae: How long?
Annabel Cotton: Three months.
Enoch Brae: First thing, you can get a lot done in three months.

I recently watched a film called Restless where one of the main characters was a terminally cancer patient with 3 months to live, and it got me thinking. In some ways three months is incredibly short when most people live till they’re 70/80/90+. But watching the film you see that you really can get a lot done in 3 months. This isn’t a post about productivity, or not entirely anyway, but more about getting up and doing things. I’m on the third week of my Easter break and for most of this time I have had the mental dilemma between enjoying myself or sitting down and getting some revision done. And if I’m honest, the latter definitely hasn’t won yet. Which is crazy because I enjoy the subjects I’m studying, but with so many deadlines in the last couple of weeks I needed some time to chill ou and take a break from uni stress.

But! The justifying is over, and revision is all set to continue in full force. When I see people posting on facebook/twitter/instagram and other various social networking sites about the projects they’re up to or the fun things they are achieving such as travelling or days out, I think, what am I doing at the moment? My degree. There’s no point doing a degree unless you put in the effort to actually learn and achieve what you want to achieve, because noone is going to do it for you.


Ok, enough philosophical thinking. Back to the revision. I hope you’re all having a good day.

Sophie x


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