Life on Mars

Hello folks! So it was a couple of weeks after moving back home from uni and all I’d done was spend a couple of well-deserved days in my pyjamas, a few placement bits and bobs, seen some friends, and that was about it. I felt like an unemployed bum. I lasted about a week and a half until I was absolutely sick of it. I had looked at some jobs but as I only had a couple of weeks to spare I didn’t have many options.

But it all came to an abrupt end! Mars (not the planet, the company that make tasty chocolate bars, drinks and an abundance of other products) were advertising temp jobs to associates’ friends and families. My Dad is an associate and as soon as he sent me the email I was straight onto my laptop (still in my pyjamas, I will admit) and applied. Unfortunately all places had been filled (less than 24 hours after the advert was sent out!) but a couple of days later I had a call saying someone had dropped out and I started a couple of days after that.

Since then my life has been filled with working 45 hours every week and leaving the house at stupid o-clock everyday. When I agreed to the job I assumed, in true Dolly Parton style, that it would be 9-5 hours (which I thought was early enough thank you very much). But how I was wrong. I started everyday at 7.30am. 7.30am!!

7.30am start?!


Crazy hours, I didn’t even finish earlier so every day it was 7.30am till 5pm. One thing it did do was give me a sleep routine though, each evening at around 9.30pm I was actually excited to get ready for bed and get some beauty sleep. Quite sad really, compared to my usual hours at uni!

Staying out past 10pm was beyond the question.

6 weeks later and my time working at the R&D department for Mars has come to an end. I’ve met some really cool people, earned some nice dollar for the US fund and felt like I actually felt like I had a purpose this summer! It was surprisingly nice to have something to wake up for.

Yes I work full time. How do I feel?


The best part was that I was in a meeting a couple of days in when some of the other temps were due to start. One of them hadn’t turned up so I put in a word for my brother (who had also previously unsuccessfully applied) and he got a job there too! So I’ve spent hours and hours with him in my last few weeks rather than only seeing him in the evenings for a couple of hours. Also, I’ve worked with my brother before and it’s surprisingly fun. It really helped to have someone to make sure we were both up and out the house on time.

Overall it was a great way to spend my summer and my bank account is ready to fund my American adventures due to start in just a couple of days. Summer jobs are definitely the way forward, even it means you can afford to buy Walker’s crisps rather than ASDA smart price when the uni term starts again!

Sophie x


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