Today Was a Good Thursday

Thursdays are tiring and interesting, they inspire me but they drag. I have classes 9.30am-12.15pm, then a long wait until my night class which is 6.30pm-9pm. Classes are becoming harder, not so much in difficulty but more so in the amount of homework I have to keep up with. In a way it is quite nice to be busy and feel like I am working towards something.

I’ve been doing some thinking over the last couple of weeks about which courses I want to take for my spring semester. Some look interesting, others look incredibly daunting and some simply don’t interest me at all. The definite perk of the American college system is that you do a mixture of modules so you can learn what you want to study and you’re able to switch your major and still continue at that college; you don’t have to drop out and reapply to a new course next year simply because you found a subject that suited you better. On the other hand, the British system is better in that every subject you take is relevant to your degree. If I still had to take science classes now I would hate it, I’m more than happy to have left certain subjects back at secondary school when I was sixteen.

The highlight of my thursday was a long skype session with my incredible friend, Lauren. A lot of my friends in the UK are in their third year of university and are either in their final year or penultimate year of their degree. I have a lot of admiration for you all doing your dissertations, from the sounds of it the freedom is both exhilarating and overwhelming. I can’t believe some of you will be graduating in the summer – then what?! In a way graduation seems so far away, but actually I’ve already been thinking about what I will do in the summer of 2016 and I will no longer be student. That’s a question for future Sophie to deal with!

For now, I’m going to go back to my homework and deciding which classes I’m going to apply for for next semester.  Here’s a photo I took of the sun whilst on a boat bobbing about on the Hudson River next to Manhattan. It’s out of focus but I quite like it like that. I hope you all had a good thursday too.


Sophie x


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