Back in the US – January Update

Hello there!

Can you believe it’s been over a month since I did a normal blog? As in a Sophie blog not a movie blog. I’ve been a busy gal and with my weekly film posts I guess it was only when I just scrolled down I realised the last non-movie post I’d done was in the JFK airport on the way to London. IMG_5869

So what have I done since then? Well I spent a little over 3 weeks in the UK seeing friends and family. FaceTime, skype and emails are great, but seeing your friends and family face-to-face is something you just can’t match. When I landed back in England, my Dad met me at the airport and it was awesome. Driving back we were in the middle lane between two lorries and the lanes felt so much narrower than in the US. I genuinely made a weird little terrified noise and made my Dad overtake them because I felt like I was going to be squished. I didn’t drive for the first couple of days – partially because I was sleep deprived and partially because I naturally expected cars to drive on the right hand side of the road. Not a great combination so I thought I’d wait a couple of days.

My good friend Babs took me on a tour of York and we explored a medieval museum.
My good friend Babs took me on a tour of York and we explored a medieval museum.

I did a lot of travelling to see friends and family around the country, mostly in the south. I went to Basingstoke (my hometown), Reading, Southampton and Bournemouth. I also went to  York, and Pontefract in Yorkshire. Yorkshire should be a 4-5 hour drive away but it took us 7.5 hours because of Christmas holiday traffic – that’s longer than it took to fly home from NYC to London!! All of the travelling was definitely worth it though, it’s strange to think the next time I’ll be in the UK I’ll have finished my placement year in the US. It’s going way too fast.

IMG_6161Since I’ve been back, I’ve been pretty busy. I’m in my second week of classes and so far they’re going well. Both weekends I went into NYC and saw some more Broadway. The first weekend I saw Matilda with an Australian guy I met. We both had tried to see Michael C Hall in Hedwig and the Angry Inch because I really wanted to see him again before his run ended. Unfortunately Michael had used some of the standing room tickets for his family so there were only 10 available; we were number 11 and 12 so no luck! We got a good deal with Matilda tickets and that was great. This weekend I saw On The Town and then Chicago. On The Town was good but Chicago blew my mind! God, I love Broadway.

So, here ends my (personal) blogging silence. I promise not to leave it for so long next time!

Sophie x


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