It’s Okay To Miss People

Sometimes I miss my family but it’s okay because I’m having fun. Other times, I’ll be having fun and I’ll miss my family even more. There are sights, places, tastes, and experiences I wish I could share with them that a phone call just can’t quite convey.

I often feel a big pressure to not feel homesick. Homesick is what I associate with that person on the residential trip in Year 6 who missed their Mum after less than a day. But I miss my family and friends. When I receive bad news about something at home I wish I could snap my fingers and pop home to see everyone. And when something good happens I wish I could go home and celebrate with them. Typing “yay!!” into facebook messenger just doesn’t quite cut it but it’s something I’ll have to settle for.

I recently blogged about spending the weekend at my friend’s lakehouse and when I got there I facetimed my brother and sister because when I saw the huge frozen lake all I could think was “You have to see this!”. That’s probably the best way I can describe what it feels like to live thousands of miles away from your family and friends. You’ll have moments that you so wish you could share with your favourite people back home. The postcards got it right when they say “Wish you were here!”

This probably sounds like quite a sad post but I’m just trying to articulate what it feels like to live away from home. I love living in America and I wish I could stay longer. I loved exploring New York with my brother, sister and family friend when they came to visit. I’m honestly so excited for my best friend, brother and Dad to come out here in June that I could squeal! Living abroad is awesome and being able to share it with the people you love is even better.


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