Hello everyone! This is just a little post to say I have hit a landmark on my blog: I have recently reached 3000 views on here, something I’m pretty chuffed with! I mostly created this blog to record my experiences of studying abroad and to give me something to look back on. It’s also a great way to keep everyone at home updated with what I’ve been up to as well.

I’d like to say a big thank you to my brother, Benny, who created the header for my blog using his fancy photoshop skills. He used photos I’ve taken whilst I’ve been here and a panoramic of New York he took from the Top of the Rock viewing deck in the Rockefeller Center during his visit here in February. I can’t wait for you to come and join me again in June! Also, whilst I’m talking about Benny: here are some photos of the awesome cake he made for my going away party last summer that I’ve been meaning to post on here for a long time. He spent so much time on it getting the stars and stripes to look amazing on both the outside of the cake and the inside (I believe some crushed blueberries were used to achieve the inside blue corner, very inventive). I think he did an awesome job, it was a lovely send-off surprise.

IMG_5216IMG_5217  IMG_5220

Thanks brother, I miss you!

Sophie x


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