Family Visit: Central Park (Squirrels, Snow & Rose Petals)

So I’m mainly posting this because of the cute squirrel photos I took. When my family came to visit we were staying on the upper west side of Manhattan. One morning, after getting a New York bagel for breakfast, we wandered through Central Park and it was really pretty all covered in snow. Thinking about it now, the snowy park seems like another country in comparison to the 30ºC weather I’ve been enjoying in New York recently.

DSC01473 DSC01455 DSC01479

Later in the week when we were in mid-town, we headed to the southern part of Central Park. This was on Valentine’s day and Benny and I took some artsy photos, or at least attempted to…

DSC01550 DSC01546DSC01538

The ice-skating rink was still very busy and the lower part of the park is much busier and bustling with people so it was fun to show my family two different sides of Central Park.


Nature within a bustling city is always fun!

Sophie x


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