Homesick for New York

One of my favourite youtubers is Sprinkle Of Glitter (Louise Pentland) and I was recently watching her last few vlogs where she filmed her trip to New York City. Watching her walk through the same places that I walked through every weekend made me feel so homesick for a place that really felt like home to me by the end of my placement year.

I’m pretty set on my plan for moving back home when I graduate and gaining some experience in the marketing industry. In the future I may end up working in New York but it really depends on what opportunities are available and whether I feel like the UK could offer me better career opportunities until I get some real marketing experience under my belt.

Something that I am 100% sure on though is I am going to go back to America in the next few years, especially when I have saved up a decent amount of pocket money in order to make it an incredible trip. Although I will be technically re-entering the US under a travel visa waiver instead of using my study visa, I don’t think I’ll feel like much of a tourist thanks to my year of exploring and lapping up the American culture and all the experiences it had to offer me over my year abroad.

I also think that whilst New York City itself was what made the year incredible, another big factor was how I aimed to make the most of every weekend in terms of exploring and during the week I would get up and try to get as much work done as possible in order to free up my weekends. So although there were some days when I was tired, knowing that I was in America and wanted to make the most of my time there resulted in having so many really fun days in the city. I may not be in New York any more but I’m going to try to adopt that attitude again back in the UK whether it be in regards to getting lots of work done, exploring Birmingham or meeting up with friends. The weather may be pretty grey in England at the moment but getting up and having a busy, productive day feels so much better than moping around wishing I was back in Manhattan.

Sophie x



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